Sunday’s Gospel – St Michael’s Day – John chapter 1 verses 43 – end.

Philip goes to find Nathaniel to tell him about Jesus – how much stronger the Church would be if Christians today told their family/friends about their Saviour! Nathaniel is sceptical at first, finding Jesus’ obscure origins – and Nazareth at this time was very obscure – an hindrance to belief. But when he actually meets Jesus his view is changed. Jesus sees his worth – a true Israelite. Sitting under the fig tree- this is a traditional place for the rabbis to teach their disciples, so Jesus identifies Nathaniel as someone who is sincere about his faith and wants to study it.

We believe that Jesus unites heaven and earth – unites divinity with humanity. In heaven the angels worship God and do his will. On earth we worship God and at least try to do his will. So heaven and earth are united when we worship and when we work for Jesus. When Jesus says to Nathaniel that he will see the angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man, he means that he will realise heaven and earth have come together.

We pray that our worship will be filled with that sense of heaven uniting with our earthly sphere.