What do we offer in lock down?

We are so far into lockdown that it might be difficult to remember what we are offering! And newer visitors to this site may not have received the information at all. So…

each day on Facebook we livestream Morning and Evening Prayer (9am and 5pm), it is on Fr Robin Eastoe’s Facebook page.

Each Sunday we livestream a Mass at 9.30am. There is also to be at least one livestream Mass in midweek. These are also available on the page for St Mary Steps.

Each Sunday you will find worship resources available here so you can at home read the Bible lessons for the day and join in some prayers.

We are sending out a twice daily e mail of prayer and worship resources. It will give links to the recording of Morning and Evening prayer if you are unable to be there for the streaming; it will give links to the Sunday Mass (and probably to two Sunday Masses, as Fr Andrew will also record one); it will give you a link to a daily series of bible reflections; and it will give you a link to a child or family presentation for the Sunday. If you are not yet on this, send ‘Yes’ to Heavitreeworship@yahoo.com

In all these ways we are maintaining prayer and worship even in these strange times when churches have to be empty.

And remember, contact details for the clergy are on this web site – feel ring to ring if you need us

Fr Robin