Sunday Reading, 24th March

Luke 13.1-9

The theme here is repentance. Jesus is told about an incident where Pilate mingled human blood of Galileans with that of their sacrifices. While this was undoubtedly shocking, Jesus’ point is that the Galileans did not suffer because they were worse than others. We all need to repent. He goes on to quote another incident where a tower collapses and eighteen people die. This was not divine anger, we all need to repent.

Jesus then tells a parable of a fig tree. It is not producing fruit and has not done so for three years. Surely it should be cut down and another planted. But the gardener pleads to be able to manure it thoroughly to see if it will then produce – and if it does not then it will be cut down. The obvious moral here is that we have a great change to repent if we follow the teaching of Jesus, if we look to the cross, if we use Lent properly.