Sunday’s Gospel Reading

Sunday’s Gospel Reading – John chapter 2 verses 1-11.

Cana is a village reasonably near to Nazareth – certainly it would have been regarded as walking distance in Jesus’ day though now we would probably want to drive.

Unlike weddings today, this wedding would have gone on for about a week and everyone in the village would have turned up (no formals invitations then!) to run out of wine was something of a disgrace. The amount of wine Jesus bestowed on the celebrations is enormous – 120-180 gallons! Quite a party.

This might seem a trivial miracle. But John includes it among the signs which provide a structure for the first half of his Gospel. Why choose this as one of his signs?

The story gives us three lessons.

  1. God cares about us; even a trivial incident like running out of wine is noticed by God. God is interested in the small things in our lives – often seemingly trivial but important to us.
  2. God is overwhelmingly generous. He does not stint in his gifts of grace. What he gives he gives fully, which is why he gives himself fully to us in Jesus and in the Eucharist
  3. God transforms. The tepid water was there to wash in, but was uninteresting and very ordinary. But it is transformed by Jesus into top quality, heady wine. God transforms bread and wine day by day for us. God can transform us, ordinary as we might be, into the instruments of his Kingdom.