Gospel for Sunday (Harvest) Matthew 6.25-33

It is in our nature always to desire more. This is not good for us – we find we are never satisfied, and the striving to get more and more puts us under enormous stress. We are also learning to understand that the constant desire for more has a devastating effect on creation – the world cannot sustain this never ending demand upon its natural resources.

Jesus asks us to give up this worrying about having more. He points out that life is more than food, and the body is more than clothing. We should note though that the examples he gives are simple and natural; the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. It is about being satisfied with simple, every day things and not wanting much luxury.

God’s creation produces enough for our need, but not enough for our greed. More than enough food is produced to feed the world, but richer nations – like ourselves – take far more than our share, leaving others with very little. Leaving others hungry is the most drastic effect of greed, but we also need to think it harms our souls. Never to be satisfied, always to want more, turns us away from the Kingdom where greed plays no part.

Harvest not only asks us to share better, but to look at the harm we do to ourselves and to our souls. Living more simply is to live more healthily and in a more holy manner.