Sunday 7th January is the Feast of the Epiphany (it is usually on 6th but changes if the 6th is a Saturday or a Monday.)

Mass is at 8am and 10.30am

30 Minute Worship is at 9.30am

Evensong and Benediction is at 6pm.

Epiphany meets ‘showing forth’. The wise men are the first non-Jews to worship Jesus. So this is the feast when Jesus was shown forth as Saviour to the whole world.

The wise men came from what is now Iraq. They were at the centres of learning there and the Jewish Scrip tures would have been part of their studies. So when a bright light appeared in the sky (Jupiter and Saturn had come together to shine as one light, which would have been extra bright ) they looked up the prophecies about the birth of the Messiah. The idea that they were kings has no biblical basis. Their gifts though have deep symbolical importance – gold for a king, incense for a god and myrrh for someone who is destined to die.

Thy Kingdom Come, Pray for, 30th May