Church and Coronavirus – 2

Events have overtaken previous posts. After yesterday’s announcement from the Archbishops – which itself was after the Prime Minister’s new regulations announced Monday – very little can happen in church. In particular:

All services are suspended, including all Sunday services. There will be no Mothering Sunday services this Sunday and it is very unlikely that restrictions will be lifted in time for Easter services.

All church activities are postponed. This includes Lent course, Stations of the Cross, Tuesday Fellowship and the Heavitree Friendly Library.

Very sadly the Requiem Mass Scheduled for Thursday evening, to remember Fr Eric Illing, our former Rector, is postponed until we are able to have services again.

The Chrism Mass in the Cathedral in Holy Week is cancelled.

Though weddings and funerals can take place in church, there are severe restrictions about the services, in particular how many can attend. Baptisms are being discussed today and guidance will be issued very soon, but it is again unlikely that we can have baptisms unless numbers attending are restricted to single figures.

Immediately: we will fix times when the church is open for private prayer. This will include Sunday mornings.

We will look at what resources we can put onto the Web Site and Facebook pages; but something will be there.

Anyone wanting help with shopping or fetching medication is welcome to be in contact, though there are restrictions on who I can send round (they need to be DBS approved and have some safeguarding training.) Anyone who would appreciate a phone call on a regular basis is also welcome to be in touch.

Clergy are not able to visit those who have the virus or are self isolating either because of age, medical conditions or because they have been in contact with someone who has the virus.

This is a fast moving situation and other news will be put onto the web site and will appear on the Facebook page.